About the DR+E

create and critique

The DR+E is funded by a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and is supported by Carleton University and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. With its home in the Department of English Language and Literature, the DR+E is a hub of critical interdisciplinary scholarship in and across the digital humanities. Researchers affiliated with the DR+E bring together a variety of methodologies and theoretical perspectives.

The DR+E is partnered with Carleton’s first digital humanities research centre, The Hyperlab. Launched in 2008, researchers at the Hyperlab study narrative and storytelling across a wide range of media, including hypertexts, e-books, film, and digital games.


Internationally, we have partnered with the University of Missouri’s Digital Humanities Commons @ The Allen Institute in the iSchool. This partnership enables collaborative research into critical digital pedagogies, information ethics, and the rhetorical study of texts in virtual environments.